Friday, February 28, 2020

Over a thousand amazing wallpapers are available for free download from Google Maps

If you are looking for an amazing wallpaper for your device, you may want to try Google Maps Earth

 View, as Google has been using it to provide beautiful wallpapers for years.

These backgrounds show stunning views of the satellites, providing a surreal landscape we had never 

experienced before such as the mountains, oceans, and other landscapes of our planet.

A few days ago, Google added more than 1,000 new photos to this gallery, bringing the total

 background to more than 2,500 images.

According to Google, the new images are optimized for display on new screens, as they have become

 clearer and have brighter colors and reach resolutions to 4K.

Users can download the background they want by visiting the Google Earth View Gallery site or by 

downloading the Earth View extension on Google Chrome.

The add-on allows you to view a new image when opening a new tab, which allows you to enjoy 

daily breathtaking views while working on a Chrome browser.

It also allows to sort pictures by color using a new color map, which helps you find backgrounds that 

suit your taste.

Google allows either through the site or the extension of the Earth View to view the geographical 

location of the background and know the country and city from which the background was captured

by satellite.

Now you can go on a magical tour across continents and explore picturesque regions from all over 

the world. There is no doubt that you will find a great wallpaper to use on your phone or PC.


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