Sunday, February 16, 2020

Meet Timea the robot waitress in a restaurant in Afghanistan for the first time

Timea is the new waitress robot recently discovered and introduced to work in a fast food restaurant 

in Kabul, in a first precedent of its kind in Afghanistan.

Timea robot brings food from the restaurant’s kitchen and presents it to customers, with a specific 

electronic path being set for it to enable it to move to each table freely. One of the restaurant's clients,

 Masouda Jan, who came with her friend for lunch at the restaurant, said: "It is a good initiative. I feel

 very happy to see my country progress like this. It is beautiful and inspiring."

The Japanese robot has become a popular figure in society since it first appeared a month ago. Timea

 attracts Kabul residents to come to the restaurant in a country where many people suffer from 

conflicts and wars on a daily basis.

In addition to what the manager of the restaurant, "The Times", Muhammad Rafeh Sherzad, a 

spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, told Reuters: 

"Our goal is to push the generation of most young people to see robots to arouse their interest in 

investing in such technology in the country. We also want them to innovate in such Initiatives in the

 future for the prosperity and development of the country. "

Here Timea's robot is catering to customers

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