Saturday, February 22, 2020

London derby burning and "battle" in Leicester

A fateful round in the English Premier League in Round 27, during which the senior league competes for the first four seats. The tour starts with a London summit between Chelsea and Spurs, followed by another summit between runner-up Manchester City and its annexes Leicester. Everyone is threatened with losing their position, while Liverpool remains solitary in the lead

Last week, Manchester City was subjected to a sanction for being deprived of the Champions League for the next two versions, after tampering with sponsorship records. Thus, the Guardiola team lost its European seat, allowing the fifth-placed league player to participate in the Champions League next year, if City ends its season between the four major clubs. Something that will be exploited by those coming from behind, led by Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

The latter is a heavy visitor to Chelsea today (14:30 Beirut time). A difficult match that will not be divided by two, given the two teams' urgent need for the three points. Tottenham are in fifth place with 40 points, one away from fourth with Chelsea. Upon the dismissal of former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pocitinho, the difference between then-Chelsea III and Tottenham XIV was 12 points. The gap then narrowed to one point, as the team improved as Mourinho came in, against Chelsea falling in a number of ways. Frequent negative results suffered by Frank Lampard's players, which brought the team into danger, the last of which was a loss to Manchester United with a clean double (the biggest beneficiary of this round if he won against Wattsverd tomorrow, 16:00 Beirut time).

Lampard was able to build a young squad in Chelsea that achieved acceptable results under the current circumstances. The team did not make any deal in the last two transfer markets, opening the way for the club's academy players to enter the starting lineup. Despite achieving convincing results at the beginning of the season, the team started to fall gradually, due to the lack of experience of the young players. It made matters worse for many influential players, such as Tammy Abraham, Calum Hudson Odoi and Christian Polisic to Angulo Kanti, who was injured in the team's last game. Chelsea is under great media pressure in the recent period, after winning one of the last five games in various competitions. To make matters worse, Lampard left out Spanish goalkeeper Kiba in the last two games, despite coming to the team last season for 80 million euros, as the most expensive goalkeeper in history.

The difference between Chelsea and Tottenham decreased from 14 points to one point finally

Tottenham enters the game without the most prominent players, too. After the absence of Harry Kane and Musa Sissoko until the end of the season, Korean winger Sun suffered an injury that would keep him out of action for several weeks. The team's results improved in the recent period. After losing to Liverpool in the league, Tottenham did not know the loss for 7 games, until it was a European defeat against Leipzig. In that match, many technical problems arose due to the large number of injuries, as a snapshot of Delle Alli showed after switching not to adjust the dressing room, but that would not be an obstacle for Mourinho to return the debt to his student Lampard, after the latter won the first round.

City x Lester
Another important match in the 27th round of the league, combining the league runner-up Manchester City (54 points) and the third overall ranking in Leicester (50 points). A difficult confrontation on both sides, through which Guardiola hopes to achieve a victory that strengthens the second position, while Rodgers seeks to score three points that keep the team away from the "chairs game" of the champions. The match will be played today at Leicester's King Power Stadium (19:30 Beirut time).
Manchester City enters the game, eclipsing its recent victory over West Ham in the middle of the week (2-0), which raised the difference with the annexes of Leicester City to 4 points. On the other hand, Lester has only known victory once in his last 5 league games.

At the end of the first leg, Lester appeared as the contender for the title. A balanced system presented by coach Brenden Rodgers, has made Leicester the most prominent competitor for Liverpool this season. The equation changed in the recent period, and the team fell in many tests, taking it to third place, 9 points behind the fourth Chelsea. A tough game awaits Rodgers' men when they receive Manchester City, who have been struggling with both things recently.

Despite his almost absolute domination of local titles in recent years, Manchester City has declined this season, largely out of the league race, as it moved away to round 26 of leaders Liverpool by 22 points. Many problems contributed to the retreat of the team, most notably the poor defensive line, as the team's nets received this season 29 goals in 26 games, compared to 23 goals in the previous season, and 27 goals in the previous season. City needs to win in today's match, where many important benefits await him, starting with his arrival as a guest of Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League 16 round next Wednesday, and reaching the Professional League Cup final, which he will play next Sunday against Aston Villa.


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