Saturday, February 22, 2020

BMW 4 Series 2021 appears as expected

It is no secret that the new BMW 4 Series will get a large front grille .. The Bavarian company tried to hide it under the camouflage, but something of this size cannot be completely covered, and it is worth noting that the German car manufacturer had paved the way to the large front grill when it revealed the Concept 4 test vehicle that was unveiled for the first time last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Now the BMW 4 Series appears in a fictional design, having got a large front grille surrounded by slim headlights, the car has a much more angular design than the previous model, and the fictional design shows the location of the front license plate inside the front grille itself.

It is reported that the production of the new BMW 4 Series is scheduled to start sometime in November, which means that we may see the car on the streets in early 2021, and we do not know when BMW will unveil its new car.

In conclusion, the large front grille can find its way to other sedans like the Class III, and it is worth noting that when the new Class IV arrives, you will get a wide range of petrol and diesel engines with four and six cylinders, and there are talks about issuing a plug-in hybrid.


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