Wednesday, May 8, 2019

See a new feature Google Maps helps users choose their meals

Google Maps, the world's most popular application, displays pictures of many of the restaurants

in the menu, but a new tab will indicate the most popular options.

The application added a new button on the "Popular" or "Popular Dishes" menu, according to Taylor

 Weimberley, a Twitter technical expert, along with a number of users who showed pictures of the

new update.

According to the site, "Ingadget," the new feature reviews the restaurant reviews for the names of

 common dishes, and then add embedded images of those assessments of the tab, but Google did not

confirm whether the process is automated or human intervention.

To5Google9 pointed out that users can suggest changes to the apparent information about the dishes,

and many of the dishes look nameless because they have not been added to their description.

The update is now available as an experimental feature on some phones before it is finally launched

following an evaluation process, becoming a competitor to applications such as Yelp and



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