Sunday, May 13, 2018

YouTube intends to launch a video display feature outside the application

YouTube has started testing an image-in-picture mode that allows videos to be played without the need to stay in-app, where the video is played in a mini-window and can be browsed to another application, according to Alam Tech.
YouTube is testing this feature for those who do not have a subscription and membership in RED. The $ 10-a-month service already supports this feature but is available in only five countries around the world.
The property is activated without any user intervention as it is currently testing on the Android system and for those who have the Oryo version.
YouTube excludes music videos from this situation.
If YouTube already launches this feature, it will increase the viewing rate, where the user can multitask, such as browsing another application, such as Twitter and Entragm or the web via Chrome, while watching a video from YouTube.


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