Monday, March 6, 2017

Ventura uses the new faces in camp Italy

Summoned Giampiero Ventura, the first coach of the Italian national football team, 22 players to enter the camp, including Roberto Jagelyardina and Domenico Berardi and Gianluca for Appadula.

The list free of the players of Juventus, Napoli and Roma and Fiorentina, who are involved in the Champions League and the European league.

Compared with the previous assembly team, which was held in October a second / last November, there are ten new players joined the team, including players in Sassuolo who could not join the camp because of their involvement with the team in the European championship.

The team will gather next Monday evening at the Federal Technical Center "Couvrciano", where players undergo training in two shifts, morning and evening, on Tuesday to fight a second train on Wednesday, the two periods as well.

Among the new players who joined Kevin Bonivasi and Alex Merritt goalkeeper Spall club, which plays in the second division.

It came the list of the Italian team is as follows: Goalkeepers: Alessio Krajano (Benevento) and Alex Merritt (Spall) and Defense: Antonio Barika (Turin), Cristiano Baraja (Pescara) and Kevin Bhoenfeazi (Spall) and Mattia Caldara (Atlanta) and Federico Schirina (Croton) and Andrea Conte (Atlanta) and Armando ISO (Genoa), Leonardo Spinazola (Atlanta) In midfield: Danilo Cataldi (Genoa) and Roberto Jagelyardina (Inter Milan) and Manuel Locatelli (Milan) and Lorenzo Pellegrini (Sassuolo).

In the attack: Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo) Gianluca Kabarara (Pescara) and Federico de Francisco (Bologna), Diego Valsinelli (Croton) and Roberto Aangelesa (Chievo Verona) and Gianluca for Appadula (Milan), Andrea Batajmana (Atlanta) and Simone Verdi (Bologna).


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