Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Common mistakes ruin your phone and cause serious damage

Mobile users believed a lot of tips that they thought their health in spite of being the cause serious damage such a list presented by the site 20minutes
Remove the plastic cover, some think that it is left on the phone screen will protect him as long as possible, and this is totally a misconception, it may be already protected from scratches, but the dust Stersp and carried out the spaces between the plastic cover and the phone screen, this will display the owners of smart for a lot of trouble phones , including the turmoil in the command tactile version property.
Choose a phone cover carefully, some people are attracted to the shape attractive and cheap price only when they buy a cover for a smart phone, but you cautious, then it covers contain weak silicone material, which results in a high temperature in the machine, to obtain damage and corrosion of your new phone quickly, purchase lid know its components, even if the price is slightly higher.
Never let the battery until they have done quite shipping. When shipping rate of up to 20%, place the charger immediately, but Atnzaah until it reaches at least 80%, he left the phone battery out of this percentage or the removal of the charger before it reaches the other ratio erodes battery and thus the end of its useful life earlier about its validity.
Most anti-virus applications for Avaidh her on smartphones, Android regime and the application of the "Play Store" can do what is better than any anti-spyware application, it contains "Android Device Manager" system that does so without the need for any other applications. And others like PBXs on your iPhone, Windows, in addition to these applications that consume a lot of battery life.

When you are buying a new smartphone and you want a good camera, you do not care much Almigapeixl number, and then ask the seller for an extension ratio of the camera lens, and often the best ratio is 16: 9. And then looking for Almigapeixl as you like.



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