Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bush will help the car in contact with each other

Preparing the EU to launch a new standard specifications in the safety car sector early next year, where contact automatic system will become emergency eCall benchmark and mandatory in cars sold in the European Union, this means that all new cars will be cars attached to a record. While I expected 'Gartner' that with the year 2020 solutions, there will be 250 million connected vehicles on the roads around the world. With the transformation of cars to be the communication device runs on the roads, buyers are increasingly focusing on digital services, such as technology that monitors the condition of the car and warns drivers when driving cars reversing Alsar.okhlal his speech at the Conference on 'Bush' ConnectedWorld International 2017 in Berlin, said Dr. Dirk Hohsail , a member of the board of Directors 'Bush' launch 'Bush cloud package cars', a new platform dedicated to the transport services. Where Hohsail added: "The automotive-related services has recently become a distinctive factor within the automotive sector."'Bush cloud package cars' software platform is a comprehensive package and tools designed to auto makers and all providers of transportation services for the development of all types of services for drivers and their inclusion in the broad market for these services. Hohsail added. "The drivers benefit from the wide range and dedicated to 'cloud package for cars."


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